Take controwol of your online purresence on fursona.directory with LinkStack, the purrivacy-furrcused, owopen-source link management platform. Create a customizable pawfile page to manage all your impawrtant links in one convenient lowocation and give your pawdience a seamless browsing experience. uwu

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This is a furry-centered instance run by @taco@taco@bitbang.social. Approvals are manual. You MUST have at LEAST a cool fursona name to be approved. (No "anonymous" or "burner" accounts.) [All fursona names are cool.] Nudge taco on his tech Mastodon to get in faster. 

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No cryptocurrency, no TERFs, no Nazis. Your account will be nuked from orbit if we see that shit. You can be NSFW on here, but please do not do anything illegal on here. I have a me to feed.

The icon/favicon for fursona.directory comes from Mutant Standard emoji, which are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International.